Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today I return to the doctor two months after having a ligament replaced in my ankle.  While the surgery was only two months ago the injury happened 6 months ago and has prevented me from any physical activity (or wearing high heels).  In some ways it doesn't seem so bad, however I tend to not be a very patient person.  This experience has shown me that life gives you experiences exactly when you need them.

Before this, I was horrible at asking for help.  I was even worse at waiting for things to happen!!  I didn't know what the words relax or relaxing meant and I hardly ever stopped.  My injury forced me to do all of the above.  Not only did I have to ask others for help as I had very limited mobility (especially after my surgery).  But even more, I learned the benefit of patience and  relaxing.

Sometimes the best way to get things done isn't the fastest but staying steady and strong.

"When we develop patience, we find that we develop a reserve of calm and tranquility. We tend to be less antagonistic and more pleasant to associate with. This creates a positive atmosphere around us and it is easy for others to relate to us. Better grounded emotionally through patience, we become stronger mentally and spiritually, and tend to be healthier physically." -DL

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kicking off a Monday!!

I usually find that I wake up on Monday mornings ready to attack the week and full of positive energy... then at some point (usually before lunch) I seem to hit a wall and just want to crawl back to the weekend I just left.  So then I am faced with a choice... I can continue to walk down the seemingly dark path for the rest of the week, or I can see the wall as a challenge and find fun and new ways to go over it, get around it or decorate it!

We forget that we are in control of how we relate to things, so the next time a wall comes up, figure out a fun new color to paint it :-)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Having a Great Weekend

This week the Dalai Lama said, "Giving is recognized as a virtue in every major religion and in every civilized society, and it clearly benefits both the giver and the receiver. The one who receives is relieved from the pangs of want. The one who gives can take comfort from the joy their gift brings to others."

I believe this is an important thought to take into the weekend.  Being part of the hospitality industry usually means working on the weekends and this can be difficult on a person's professional and social life.  So, this weekend, if you begin to feel frustrated, angry or annoyed about being at work, think about what you are giving to others by doing what you do.

By being part of the hospitality industry we have an opportunity to make a difference and give to our clients like no other industry or individuals can.  So ENJOY!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally Blogging!!

We are finally blogging!!!  Please stay tuned for daily blogs from Nicole!!!